Tuesday, December 8, 2009

8 December 2009

Good Evening Beloved Lightworkers! We are the IGCT!

We Are All One! Know that your very nature is LOVE – that is Who You Are!

Our channel was saying earlier to us, “Love can move mountains – so where should I put the Rockies?” We responded by agreeing with this Law of Creation, but recommending that it is wisest not to randomly relocate geographical features of Mother Earth!

Now, we have started this channelling with the above reminder that you are LOVE, for we see that at this season, many are experiencing stress of one sort or the other and we say that you can alleviate it by remembering your true nature and demonstrating that you know Who You Are by being Love. The energies are this time are breaking down all systems, institutions, procedures, and relationships that are not functioning in the higher vibrations, which are joy, creativity, and harmony. The highest vibration of course, is Love. So you see that by being Love, which is Who You Are, you will be living in the highest of energy states and will express naturally your creativity and joy.

We would like to include a segment of channelling that we spoke of in December 2006, for it is timeless and applies NOW and is a good reminder of Who You Are.

Know that Spirit, or your Higher Self, does not set conditions on Love in any way, for Love is free and accepts all as it is in the NOW. Understand that if you feel compelled to delimit Love by assigning conditions under which it is acceptable, know then that these are ego-based and are originating in fear. There are no exceptions to this. Conditions are simply prejudices, which we have called 'barriers to Love,' as they seek to enforce separation. Love and Life and Light are the same, and know only Unity. To connect with the Higher Self and the Source and experience Unity it is necessary to BE Love, which is accepting of all without condition and is ever-present. We Are All One. Go now in peace.

© 28 Dec 2006 IGCT

At this time, we recommend that you stay centred and balanced, for there are great changes to come in the new year, and it will be necessary to be aware of Who You Are to counter any fear resulting from the energetic and earth changes. It is all a matter of perception. To many things still feel up and down, as the old energies are still present, for there are those who continue to support them. Yet the new energies are vibrant and creative and are visible to those who accept and honour their true natures. Therefore, we encourage you to remember and demonstrate the highest in your natures now and always, for you are so much more than you seem!

Know that we love you and are with you always, all ways!

Go now in peace.

© December 2009 IGCT

Sunday, November 29, 2009

29 November 2009

Good Evening Blessed Lightworkers! We are the IGCT!

This week we will talk to you of Love and Unity Consciousness at the request of our channel, who apparently does not wish to hear more about Twin Souls this week. Before we oblige her however, we do have a few comments to make regarding this subject – for as we have said, it is extremely important in the coming year, for the purpose of these relationships is to elevate humanity and those who have chosen this form of Love and Service need to begin their work or move it forward. We still see that many of you in these relationships, or with these connections, are yet clearing up earthly bonds and preparing for your new lives. This is commendable, for it is beneficial for your own happiness to be with your Twin, and we say that the energy between Twins is of undeniably high vibration and it is vital that it manifest not only for yourselves but for the blessing of humanity. The example of truly joyous partnership is sorely needed on your plane and you chose this form of service and love before you entered this lifetime. Therefore, we remind all of you with these Twin Soul bonds to allow the energy and to trust! Trust is necessary, for we do see that the earthly ties and pulls and obligations are being perceived as obstacles and barriers to Love and preventing some of you from moving ahead with your new lives and Twin Soul partners.

Now, what we are calling “barriers to Love” are simply all the prejudices, judgments, excuses, and reasons for avoiding Love that you all fall prey to at one time or another. If you can train yourself to understand, or better yet, simply KNOW from your connection with your soul that We Are All One – meaning that we all, ALL – are from the same Source, then you will have made a start on removing the barriers to Love. When you can train yourself to know that what you do to another, you are doing to yourself, as part of the One, then you will treat yourselves and others with the respect you all deserve as part of the Source. If you can look at another and see yourself (which is the blessing of the Twin Soul bond), then you will have started to understand that you are not much different from each other and collectively you need to cooperate to manifest “heaven on earth.”

The desire of all Lightworkers – by which we mean all those who are consciously living with awareness and working to raise the vibration of humanity – is to recreate the love and joy and devotion that is present for all when you are Home, or in Spirit. Think not that your earthly body and personality is all that there is to you, for it is only the tiniest fraction of your soul, and individually and collectively you are far more powerful than you realize. Now, this is the power of the soul, not the ego. The soul does not misuse power, yet ego power is dominant on your plane at this time.

This is the purpose of the shifts, or shifting energies that are occurring – to awaken all to your own power in order to cooperate and live in harmony and balance among yourselves and with Mother Earth, your “home away from Home.” We recommend that you work to empower yourselves, yet understand that this does not mean that you enslave others in any way. Those who would do so are not working in the Light. We remind you that your highest intention is toward Unity and to this end, it is helpful to be of One Mind, One Heart, One Spirit, and One Intention.

Now this latter is what we are calling “Unity Consciousness,” which is that particular frame of mind and reference that understands and knows that We Are All One and that with intention, energy may be directed in a very powerful way, creating the changes that collectively you desire. Many of you have recently awakened to this consciousness and are wondering about your next step. We recommend that you get your lives in order as a first step, by which we mean that it is beneficial to clear your lives of all debris and physical matter that holds you back, for too many possessions block and absorb your energy. We also advise that you meditate or spend quiet time each day in order to calm down. To this end we remind you to “Mind your own busyness!”

Through meditation and quiet you will come to know yourself – especially that part of you that is your Higher Self, which is connected to your soul. And as all souls are from Source, and know that We Are All One, you will find that Unity Consciousness permeates your thinking, thus generating more positive energy into the collective.

One final word for this evening: as for Love, know that this is Who You Are at the deepest levels of your soul, and although you all have many definitions for “love,” know that this transcends all labels and categories, for it is your very self. Therefore, as you enter into a new week, find opportunities to connect with Love and to demonstrate that you can remove any personal “barriers to Love” within yourself that you may find.

Go now in peace and love! We Are All One!

© 2009 IGCT

Monday, November 23, 2009

23 November 2009

Good Evening Beloved Lightworkers! We are the IGCT!

Tonight we would speak to you of the new energies that are emerging that will assist you in creating a planet of peace and love. We mean to raise your spirits and give you knowledge, rather than hope, for hope still implies doubt, and you will require all your inner knowledge to strengthen you in the next year, for it will be very tumultuous and you will need to stay centred.

Now, those of you who are reading this have been drawn here by your inner Being, or that part of you that is fully awake and aware of the changes occurring. In truth, you know that you are here as one of the “front runners,” so to speak, and it is necessary that you align with and adapt to the new energies – or higher vibrations – so that you may continue with your work for humanity.

We see that many of you have been extremely stressed the past week, which was the last week of the Sun in Scorpio, and these can be difficult days for those of you not accustomed to the intense emotional energy. During this Scorpio period, it was intended that you clear all that is not authentic in your life, and you can determine this by the lack of passion, or lethargic feeling it evokes. We see that some Lightworkers are still struggling to find their paths, and this is generating stress. Others are overstressed from doing too much; others still from resisting their intuition and continuing with people or activities whose time has passed. We encourage all of you to follow the message from your hearts, for this is the only true message, and you will know it because resonates and brings joy! And we do so love to see all of you shining brightly with the joy of Being passionate and doing what elicits the most happiness in your lives.

Now we speak of being “authentic” for it is the only way that you will receive the full benefit of the new energies. And what are these “new energies” of which we speak? This is the extremely high vibration that some of you have been feeling and experiencing. If you are reading this message, you are already at a high vibration and attained this frequency from inner soul work – though some of you may not have been aware of it consciously. We see that many of you – like our channel – have been experiencing vertigo from the high energy and this will occur especially when you are in company with another of high vibration. This will balance out as your physical body adapts to the high energy. Some of you have been feeling physical symptoms such as headaches, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, pains in the legs, and nausea with this energy, and we tell you that it is your physical body's reaction to the energy as it attempts to align your Lightbody. We will speak more of that another time, for now, it is enough to know that this is occurring. We do remind you that if you are concerned about any symptoms, that you would benefit by a visit to your health practitioner, for we do not encourage you to be foolish or negligent about your health.

Many of you are feeling very strained financially, and we encourage you to release old beliefs about money that are severely limiting to you, such as “Money is evil.” To this we say that “Money is Energy,” and this is also part of the new energy – for when you are in the new energy, you will find that your finances improve greatly without the former effort and struggle. We will caution all of you at this point and remind you that you will find yourself drawing in what you need, not necessarily what you want – for collectively we are creating a new world paradigm with more equitable values, not simply carrying on in the old energy of acquisition! As well, we caution you not to judge any of your fellows who are yet experiencing difficulties in this area, for all have clearing of various kinds to do and for some it is rooting out old beliefs about money and aligning with the concept of abundance.

We would speak now of relationships, for this will prove the most challenging in the coming months, as partnerships based on old energy patterns break up and new, exciting ones with your Twin Souls appear. As we stated last week, the Twin Soul or Divine Partnerships began to manifest last year and this will continue with much greater frequency into 2010, and indeed until 2013. As we see it from Spirit, there are several things to be aware of with these Twin partnerships, for we see that many of you are meeting with your Twin Soul, only to find that the situation is not the ideal you had expected. Some of you were not consciously thinking of meeting your Twin, and so are involved with other relationships that you know are not satisfactory as they lack passion and equality or are based solely on emotional and material safety. We would counsel that you remove yourselves from these old relationships voluntarily now, for the planetary energies are gaining in intensity and will put great pressure on these partnerships to end, as the new energies will not support them.

Now, the other group who have met their Twin Souls are those who have long been alone or were not expecting to meet the Twin Soul, and are exhibiting eagerness to get on with the partnership, and forgetting that these connections are not to establish a “domestic routine” of the same sort of old energy that is currently common. These partnerships are there to serve humanity, although yes, they will be joyful and abundant and blissful for the partners involved. The Twin Soul bond is known intuitively and immediately, yet not all partners are at the same level of conscious knowledge, and so patience is required while both of you come to awareness and acceptance of it.

There are three types of situations that are most common that we can see from here, and know that these will resolve themselves – that much is certain! For once the Twin Soul bond has been established, it would be extremely difficult for the partners to walk away for the soul has called them together. We have said that if someone is in your life, it is because you have summoned them there – even if it has been on the unconscious level and this is particularly true of your Twin!

The first situation involves those Twin Souls who are free to establish their relationship immediately, for there are no ties to others with whom to finish their karma. Many of these partnerships are already in place, and started last year and the partners are finding all flowing very smoothly in all areas of their lives, or with some, there is still some clearing, or inner work to complete.

The second situation involves Twin Souls where one partner is free and the other must finish his or her karma with the current partner to be free. Know that if you are in another partnership but have met your Twin Soul, it is time for the Divine Partnership in your life – with all the blessings of abundance, and passion, and creativity, and intuition. You will usually find that the Twin Soul is inspiring and supportive and loving, where an earthly partnership is full of issues and arguments and power struggles, as it is not based on equality. Know that you will complete your karma with the current partner and will be with your Twin. And for the Twin who is waiting, do your best to be patient!

The third situation involves Twin Souls where both partners are currently with other partners, and as such, this is the most difficult situation, for both will have to resolve their karma with the current partners so they can be together. If there are children involved in the partnership, it is another consideration that adds complication. However, these old partnerships are also at an end and when the Twin Souls free themselves of the old bonds, life will improve.

Now, there are particular characteristics of the Twin Soul bond by which you may know that you have met up. These characteristics will also be present when you are together.

-joy and laughter
-abundance – financial and otherwise
-telepathic communication and empathy
-very high energy
-love and support

We will end now, for this has been a long address. However, we are seeing many,many, many of the Twin Souls meeting and starting their journey together, and this channelling was necessary because of the many questions about the subject, and owing to the incoming planetary energies that will be severe on old-style relationships to the point that they will break down. Understand that this is necessary for the new energies of equality, peace, and love to prevail on the earth plane. Besides, would you not want to be with your Twin Soul and share true joy and abundance? We leave this with you!

We love you and are with you always, all ways!

Go now in peace!

© 2009 IGCT